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Q: What is FloodShield?

FloodShield is a door barrier for floods and storm waters.  It simply clip by hand and seal against the frame of your existing door jam. Simple stated... it is a simple, powerful and re-usable tool to protect your property from flooding through doorways. For more information, download our brochure.

Q: What makes FloodShield different than other water barriers, water and flood gates?

The "Bubbles" in its form structure of the barrier makes it strong.  The hand adjustable patented clips make it easier!  These combined make the product structurally more sound under water pressure and faster to install.

Q: Can I install myself?

It is fitted in minutes without the need for tools, permanent fixtures, or alterations to your property. Competing product can weigh 50lbs of more.. FloodShield in the box is only 12 lbs when it arrives.  (We hear  from customers that it looks like a Pizza)

Q: Will FloodShield work on any door?

YES.  Any exit/entry door by building code must swing inward. Safety from door blockage.   

Note: FloodShield may have issues with early 1900's and older historical buildings, pre-building code structures or poor construction (foundations/structures with cracks or gaps).   

Q: What makes FloodShield different than other flood gates, water barriers and flood barriers?

The FloodShield patented design with an instant hand adjustable clip installation.  More rigidity and stronger structure is due to its "bubble" forms and tight fit based on the many clips and core structure on the barrier. 

Q: What is the frame made of?

FloodShield does not require a complex frame or require adjustment.  The unit itself is the flood barrier. Adjustable frames are heavy are required if the barrier doesn't have a multiple / even loaded clipping systems.

Q: What about high wind?

The many clips attach to the frame, then the door closes to lock it in place.. the FloodShield will not come off on CAT 5 force winds.  More likely the door and FloodShield will remain even if other structures fail in these powerful events.

Q: What size door does FloodShield fit?

FloodShield door barriers come in 6 standard sizes, fitting nearly all inward opening residential doors.

Measure for a FloodShield barrier between the brickwork as shown in measurement A below (overall width of doorframe). Choose the FloodShield size which is nearest to, but not larger than Measurement A to allow the barrier to clip to and seal against the outside surface of the doorframe.

Q: What does the seal attach to?

A: The soft rubber seal on the FloodShield barrier seals to the outside surface of your doorframe, and down onto the step, whether stone, timber or concrete.    

Q: How long will the FloodShield Barrier last if used regularly? 

A: The FloodShield door barrier will last years as a result of the materials used in its design. You will only need to purchase a FloodShield water gate and barrier once. 

Q: How strong is the Flood Protection Door Barrier and what is it made of? 

A: The FloodShield Door Barrier is made of tough polypropylene plastic, with patented design for rigidity. It is lightweight (only 12lbs) and highly resistant to impact.  The design of the FloodShield water barrier enables it to withstand the pressure from storm flood water. The door barrier clips are stainless steel (will not rust). The barrier seal is neoprene sponge (rubber). 

Q: The visible part of my wooden door frame looking from the outside is very narrow under 1 inch (25mm). Your barrier needs to overlap onto the door frame by 1 inch each side for the barrier to clip onto the door frame, what do you suggest I can do? 

A: By simply fixing a wooden batten each side of the door frame will increase the width to a minimum of 1 ½ inches (35mm) allowing the barrier to clip on to it. Once the wooden batten is painted it becomes part of your door frame.  

Q: Where can FloodShield be used?

A few spots...  Front Doors, Side Doors, Basements, Garage  or out building.  Basically anywhere that an door swings open (in) and needs protection from water and flood.

Q: Is this product only for home owners?

No!  Custom examples include governments, hotels, industrial buildings, storage buildings, multi-tenant buildings and various other properties.  Basically, if you want to keep water out FloodShield should be considered.