Innovative Flood Protection

At Floodshield we sell the International award winning Floodshield Flood Protection Door Barrier. We sell direct to the public making it the most inexpensive barrier on the market. The Floodshield door barrier simply clips to and seals against the flat outside surface your door frame and requires no tools to fit. Coming in six standard sizes fitting almost all inward opening doors, our products fit without the need for permanent fixtures or any modifications to your doors.  

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FloodShield - Instant Flood Door Barrier

Flood Protection Barrier Designed for Emergency Use. Easy to install, ready to use, the ultimate protection for your home or building against flood water.

FloodShield Door Barrier and Water Gate System
  • Emergency Flood Gate Protection

    22.2 inches of water tight hieght, FloodShield protects against nearly 2 feet of flood water.

  • Ready to Use

    FloodShield comes "ready to use." Setup in minutes, No Tools Required!

  • Water Tight with No Damage

    FloodShield installs and is removed without damage to property. No permanent fixtures, screws, drilling or fittings to the door frame.

  • Fits Standard Doors

    Standard sizes, this patented door barrier "fits and clips" to US and Canada door frames.


Reusable FloodShield comes out of the box ready to use! No professional install or tools!  It seals against your existing door frame and comes in standard  sizes to fit most door opening.  


FloodShield flood gate seals securely against your existing door frame!  Provides instant leak protection against flood waters. The height of the water barrier is over 22 inches high, protecting against nearly two feet of water. 

FloodShield Benefits

✓ Comes ready to use

✓ Fitted in minutes

✓ No tools required

✓ No survey required

✓ No fixtures or fittings to property

✓ No alterations to property

✓ Seals against existing door frame

✓ Unique hand adjustable clips

✓ Cannot be stolen

✓ 6 standard sizes (widths)

✓ Barrier height 22.25 inches 

✓ Designed to last

✓ Performance tested

Sizes Available

We offer 6 sizes to accommodate all standard inward facing exterior doors. All barrier heights are 22.25 inches.

What size should I choose?

Measure between the brickwork as shown in Measurement A (width of doorframe), then choose the flood barrier size which is nearest to Measurement A, but not larger than Measurement A to allow the barrier to clip to and seal against the outside surface of the doorframe.

What Our Customers Are Saying

My mother in law's property is on a street that suffers with flash floods. Every time we have high tides I used to have to drag sandbags in and out of the house. But not any more since we purchased her FloodShield barrier, many thanks.

We recently purchased a FloodShield barrier and have fitted it to the doorway. We have been very impressed with both the product and the support you provided.

After being flooded out of my home last October, I purchased your Floodshield barrier. It was the best money I have ever spent. On Friday the 21st of July my village flooded again, a frightening experience. I watched tons of water come within 6 inches of the top of the barrier. It saved my home and my sanity. I have recommended your product to my neighbors who were flooded out in October and again on Friday. Many thanks.

Thank you for your speedy response in supplying me with the FloodShield barrier. I have spent 40 years in the field of water supply and main drainage before my retirement. I feel I am well qualified to congratulate you on your ingenious solution that your product provides to the increasing problem of flooding and at such a reasonable cost. Every good wish to your future.